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Christmas made easy..


Christmas is almost here y'all!

If you are anything like us here at Pepper and Stew, Christmas is a time to relax, chill, watch lots of crap TV and enjoy time with friends and family.

We have created an easy West African inspired Christmas dinner for YOU to try this Christmas. It's so easy and you won't need to spend the whole day sweating and faffing about.

You don't have to wait till Christmas though, you can still create delicious West African inspired dishes any day of the week quickly and hassle-free with our cooking sauces and easy-to-follow recipes now.

Made to traditional recipes, our West African cooking sauces are distinct flavour blends reduced and ready to make into hearty stews or soups. Checkout our blog for great step-by-step recipe suggestions and get cooking African style.

Africa of course, is not a country and there are many mouthwatering dishes to be savoured from every corner of this vast continent.  We hope to reflect this delicious diversity as our product range evolves and grows.

Although he would not eat egusi soup out of choice this one was so well prepared that one hardly knew it was egusi. The fish in it was either asa or something equally good, and it had been smoked half dry which was the beauty or that fish...
— Arrow of God, Chinua Achebe